White Rose Gender Equality College Connectivity Fund


Our College aims to provide a safe space to discuss gender equality research challenges across the disciplines and support those who are new to some of the issues due to stages of career and field of research. We would like to offer a fund that financially supports networking activities. We are seeking cross institutional teams who wish to hold seminars, workshops and sandpits on themes related to gender equality; intersectionality; responsible research & innovation and practice. 

This is open to any member of the college based in the White Rose network.

Description of opportunity

Total fund available£4,000 and we are looking to fund up to 4 projects with a limit of £1,500 per project.
Deadline for submission2/02/2024
Eligibility to leadLead applicants can be hosted by an academic department or a professional services department based in Leeds, Sheffield or York Universities. This is open to any member of the college based in the White Rose network.
Team eligibilityEach application should have representation from the 3 universities and we encourage the inclusion of ECRs and under represented groups. Those not currently in the College can be included but not lead.
Eligible costsVenue hireRefreshmentsSpeaker feesCoordinator timeAudio visual supportResearch support time
Assessment criteriaEach networking event idea should be based on a single research theme related to Gender Equality.Events should focus on addressing a research topic, or an aspect of research careers, environment, or culture.    Proposed ideas should aim to be inclusive to both college members and the wider research community (including those outside of the White Rose).Applications will need to include communication plans for advertising the event and the outputs.Teams should demonstrate how events will be accessible to all.All events should take place in Spring/early summer 2024, and be completed by 1st July 2024.

For an application form, please contact m.green@whiterose.ac.uk