Understanding Object Handling Interactions Through Experiment and Simulations

Lead Academic – Roger Lewis (Sheffield)
This network applies advanced engineering materials to improve handling of objects for all users, regardless of ability, with the specific application to improve access to food and food preparation objects and packaging for older and disabled users. This will include the identification of novel materials not traditionally used for food packaging and / or kitchen appliances.  The network is made up of the following projects

  • User-centred development of innovating products for food handling by older and disabled people
  • Characterisation of material and surface properties to improve functional ergonomic and affective experiences in the home
  • Characterisation and modelling of material and surface properties to improve functional performance of food preparation products and aid inclusive design

This network brings together the complementary skills and facilities across the research disciplines of engineering materials, tribology, human factors, affective engineering, haptic engineering, user-centred design and gerontology.

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