Understanding Knowledge Exchange Networks for Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Academic Lead – Tom Burgess (Leeds)
The project unities White Rose management and Business Schools in researching knowledge exchange networks associated with innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship.
The network enables enhanced, multi-disciplinary, research focused in this economically and socially critical area by integrating complementary strengths from
Technology and Innovation Group (TiGr) at Leeds University Business School
Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development (CREED) at the University of Sheffield’s Management School
Management Systems Group (MSG) from the Management School at the University of York
The project recognises the recent growth in capacity within entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge management at individual White Rose Universities, e.g. establishing TiGr (Leeds, 2006) York’s new professor in Entrepreneurship and management Systems (2007) and the foundation of CREED. All three Schools have ESRC recognition and PhD training programmes befitting this status. Supervisors expertise will be supplemented by capitalising on knowledge of other researchers e.g. Prof. Thorpe (Leeds) through the ESRC Evolution of Business Knowledge project and Dr. Huggings (Sheffield) through his ESRC HEI Knowledge and its impact on Competitiveness project. Selecting business in Yorkshire as the research context and building on existing engagement with Yorkshire Forward will assist in ensuring regional relevance and impact to world-class research. Strategically, this collaboration could form the base for a social-science-based White Rose capability in innovation research to emulate that in the NW.

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