Social Work and Social Change:Crossing Boundaries

Academic Lead – Professor Mark Hardy – (York)
Awarded as part of the White Rose Social Science Doctoral Training Centre
The theme for the proposed White Rose ESRC Studentship network will develop and place social work across boundaries in several senses. First, each of the studentship subthemes addresses an issue where citizens and service users encounter boundaried responses by the state. These may entail inter-professional service responses in health and social care and in services designed primarily for adults and those for children and families. Second, those on the receiving end of social work responses are themselves in transition across boundaries of age (for example, young refugees) and nation. Third, social work doctoral study has, we believe, been relatively limited in the extent to which interdisciplinary thinking has shaped its development. The network structure places interdisciplinary work at its heart.Man with walking sticks
The disciplinary partnerships in the network are Social Work and Sociology (York/Sheffield); Health/Social Work (Leeds/York); and Social Work/Social Policy (Sheffield/Leeds). This yields a mixture of social work, sociology, disability studies, health care research, and the application of different methodological and theoretical expertise. We have planned for multi-disciplinarity across the network and the exposure of students to different approaches, which in turn will encourage students to engage with thinking from across disciplines and professional boundaries (188)
Network Projects
Negotiating transitions in mental health social work: process, outcome and identity
Principal Supervisor – Dawn Dowding (Leeds)
Transition to adulthood for unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee young people
Principal Supervisor – Jim Wade (York)
Working across agency boundaries: Parents with learning disabilities
Principal Supervisor – Kathy Boxall (Sheffield)

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