Nanoscale quantum information processing

Academic Lead – Ben Varcoe (Leeds)
The proposed network is formed around the integration of existing ideas on the use of quantum dots, optical sources and strongly coupled system into small scale devices that would be capable of large scale computing. The network structure is built around the strengths of the various departments and brings together people that have not worked together before, but who will benefit from the experience that the other groups have to offer. This is a collaboration that has been needed for some time to provide a coherent understanding of how these elements all fit together. The structure is
Dr. Irene D’Amico (Physics, York) working with Dr. Dragan Indjin (Engineering, Leeds) on the development of nanoscale quantum information processing with quantum dots. The importance of the network for this research is the use of optics and cavity QED devices to couple the dots to each other in a network.
Dr. Pieter Kok (Physics, Sheffield) working with Dr. Stefan Weigert (Mathematics, York) on the development of optical quantum information processing. The importance of the network for this research are sources of optical coherence such as quantum dots and cavity QED.
Prof. Ben Varcoe (Physics, Leeds) working with Prof. David Whittaker (Physics, Sheffield) on the development of cavity QED cluster states. The importance of the network for this research is miniaturisation and exchange of quantum coherence provided by an understanding of quantum dots and linear optics.

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