Innovative approaches to understanding the wider determinants of health and wellbeing

Innovative approaches to understanding the wider determinants of health and wellbeing using record linkage and mixed methods to exploit  the full potential of population cohorts in Yorkshire & Humber (BiB and SYC
This White Rose studentship uniquely brings together five university partners (Sheffield, Leeds, York, Sheffield Hallam and Bradford), with the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR), to propose a network of five doctoral studentships with cross-university co-supervision.
The network will build on, and add value to, two major established cohorts in relatively deprived Yorkshire populations: the Born in Bradford family cohort study (BiB), which is currently linked to the Maternal and Child Health Theme in the CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford, and the South Yorkshire Cohort (SYC) which is linked to the Obesity Theme in the South Yorkshire CLAHRC. Both cohorts will be a focus for research and implementation in the new CLAHRC for Yorkshire and the Humber (2014-2018).
Traditionally, population-based cohort studies largely undertake the analysis of incident outcomes (and changes in outcomes) measured in follow-up waves of data collection, in relation to potential explanatory variables collected at baseline. Our experience suggests that this approach fails to fully exploit the potential value of such cohorts in investigating the wider social and contextual determinants of relevant outcomes across the life course.
Innovative record linkage of cohort participants to a wide range of routine data sources will therefore be used to quantitatively analyse a wider range of potential explanatory factors and relevant outcomes and in-depth qualitative and narrative techniques will be used to explore the wider contextual factors and mechanisms for health impacts identified by quantitative analysis.
Awarded as part of the CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber
Network Lead: Kate E Pickett – York
Studentship topic: Hunger, austerity and ethnicity
Principal Supervisor: Professor Kate Pickett – York
Co-supervisor:: Dr Chris Fox – Bradford
Co-supervisor:  Professor Bob Doherty – York
Studentship topic; Investigation of associations between green space, health and mortality in population cohorts
Principal Supervisor: Ravi Maheswaran – Sheffield
Co-supervisor: Lorna Fraser – York
Studentship topic: ‘Examining the burden of complex health needs on children, their families and communities and health and social care services: the Born in Bradford Cohort.’
Principal Supervisor:  Neil Small – Bradford
Co-supervisor : Roger Parslow – Leeds
Co-supervisor : David Bowles – Sheffield
Studentship topic: Development and evaluation of environmental interventions on green space utilisation to promote health and well-being
Principal Supervisor:  Ian Kellar – Leeds 
Co-supervisor: Dimitris Ballas  – Sheffield
Co-supervisor:  Rosie McEachan – Bradford Institute for Health Research, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Studentship topic: A comparative study of demographic and nutritional factors in relation to birth outcomes  among adolescent and adult pregnant women
Principal Supervisor: Professor Hora Soltani – Sheffield Hallam
Co-supervisor: Dr Victoria J Burley, – Leeds

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