Engaging Young People in Science: Key Issues Across Secondary and Tertiary Phases

Academic Lead – James Donnell  (Leeds)
Note: this is a four university Network involving Sheffield Hallam University.
The teaching of science has been a subject of considerable debate over the past few years. The White Rose Science Education Research network has four doctoral studies which focus on the interacting themes of:

  • curriculum reform and post 16 recruitment to the sciences
  • becoming a scientist through undergraduate studies
  • the progression of girls into post 16 advanced level physics courses
  • the impact on teachers of recent curriculum reform

This network brings together a number of people from disparate yet related academic backgrounds in science education, sociological studies, stem cell biology and mathematics education. It also draws on the experience of the National Science Learning Centre based in York and the national network of Regional Science Learning Centres which offer the additional capacity to make a real difference in invigorating science education nationally. This network also includes a studentship based at Sheffield Hallam University.

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