Design Matters: Treasuring the past, enhancing the future

This is a network created around the theme of design. ‘Nostalgic design’ is a subset of affective or emotional design, which exerts a profound impact on academic design research, heritage and contemporary craft practice, and on public consumption of, and engagement with, design.
Hitherto, design research has been pioneered by the creative and visual arts, but this project seeks to create meaningful interdisciplinary dialogue across the arts and humanities and between experienced and emerging researchers through the WRoCAH network.
Academic Lead Dr Tracy Cassidy  University of Leeds

Studentship research area : HERITAGE CRAFTS IN FOLK LIFE MUSEUMS: NOSTALGIA OR HERITAGE TRAINING? This project seeks to measure the impact of the heritage crafts supported by UK’s  leading Folk Life Museums, as a form of nostalgia for the past, but also as essential training for the UK’s cultural heritage industry in the future.
Principal Supervisor – Dr Katherine Giles – University of York
Co Supervisor – Professor Dawn Hadley – University of Sheffield

Studentship research area title :  PASTS, PRESENTS AND FUTURES AT THE FAIRGROUND. This PhD will explore the complex dynamics of ‘false’ and ‘true’ pasts encountered in the material and visual culture of the fairground. Different groups might experience nostalgia for different pasts (extant or extinct) while other aspects of the fair continue to provide novelty.
Principal Supervisor – Dr. Stephen Walker – University of Sheffield
Co Supervisor – Professor Tom Cassidy – University of Leeds

Studentship research area title ; THE USE OF NOSTALGIA AT THE IDEATION STAGE OF THE DESIGN PROCESS: This study proposes to explore the underlying relationship between nostalgia and contemporary design. The core objective is to propose or suggest a strategic framework to support the use of nostalgia at the ideation stage of the design process.
Principal Supervisor – Dr Tracy Diane Cassidy – University of Leeds
Co Supervisor – Dr Oleg Benesch – University of York
This network has been awarded as part of the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities

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