Active Vision Network

Lead Academic – Jim Austin (York)
The network brings together leading research groups at Sheffield, Leeds and York with overlapping interests and complementary skills in a new multidisciplinary collaboration, spanning experiment and theory from neurobiology, through cognition to bio-inspired software/hardware applications. All network members have international track record in research in computational neuroscience and have not worked together before. We envision a real opportunity to develop a strategic relationship with each other forming a platform to develop joint research and initiatives.
The proposal is focussed on modelling aspects of action selection in human vision. Vision is a favourite with computational modellers, being arguably, the most researched part of the brain. Nonetheless, high level visual information is still poorly understood. We will combine (1) experimental investigation of the performance of the visual system (2) data analysis and modelling at the neurobiological level and (3) high level modelling in software and hardware.
The project ideally matches the recent Foresight initiative on Cognitive Systems, which recognised that Computer Science and Neurobiology should work more together to develop better models of the nervous system as well as development of better computer systems by sharing the knowledge of both communities.

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