White Rose Research On-line

White Rose Research Online is an openly accessible database (or ‘repository’) of research outputs produced by academics in the White Rose universities. The main aim of the repository is to provide access to research outputs – such as journal papers – which normally require subscription access. Authors retain certain rights over their work even where copyright has been signed away to a publisher; it is often possible to make work freely available via a repository and thus reach a wider audience. The system also holds published conference papers, book chapters and working paper series.

White Rose Research Online in funded by the three White Rose University libraries. It is heavily accessed from across the world and is a good way to improve the visibility of research.
All Leeds, Sheffield and York researchers may register with the repository and upload (or ‘self-archive’) their own work. For advice and assistance contact repository staff.
White Rose Research Online: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/
Contact: eprints@whiterose.ac.uk or 0113 343 7067

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