Interpersonal Skills Schools

ISS are a local valued alternative and equivalent to the UK GRAD Schools. Organised by the White Rose Research Training Centre at the University of Leeds. They are an opportunity to enhance those interpersonal and problem solving skills that are vital for students to work effectively with others. Individual activities are mapped against relevant sections of the Research Councils Joint Skills Statement.
Objectives of WRISS
Gain insight into how teams work
Develop interpersonal skills
Gain understanding of personal abilities
Practise problem solving, information management, decision making, time management and coping with uncertainty
Learn in a safe, supportive environment
Research council (RC) funded students attending WRISS are funded by RCs rather than by their own institutions. The Universities of Sheffield and Leeds each agree to fund up to 30 non-RC funded students to attend WRISS. The University of York offers places according to funding and uptake. WRISS is open to students from other HEIs.

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