Studentship Networks – Further Information


The White Rose studentships initiative was set up in 1997 to encourage collaboration between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.
Since 2005 the studentships have been awarded as networks to promote collaboration across the three institutions.


  • The scheme supports research networks each of which will be allocated three PhD studentships. The students will be working within a related area, and therefore will benefit from being part of an integrated community working upon a larger initiative.
  • Each studentship is bilateral and should involve two supervisors – the principal supervisor at the lead institution and the co-supervisor at the partner institution. Each university should act as lead on one studentship, and partner on another.
  • Each Studentship Network should therefore consist of six academics and three PhD students.
  • Proposed networks where the principal supervisor on one studentship acts as co-supervisor for a second student will not be accepted.
  • Multi-disciplinary proposals are encouraged.
  • One academic (either principal or co-supervisor) will be required to act as a network leader.
  • Studentships provide full tuition fees at UK/EU student rates, an annual maintenance grant and a contribution towards research and travel expenses to students embarking on full-time PhD programmes.
  • The White Rose University Consortium runs the competition to select the Studentship Networks. The administration of the studentships, including financial payment to students will be provided by the individual Universities.
  • The Studentship Network are awarded to a strategic theme which is decided by the PVC’s for Research and so will change each year

You can see the networks we have previously funded here

If you would like more information please contact Dr Craig Walker