Opportunities and Funding

Opportunities and Funding include:

  • There is the opportunity to work with White Rose to explore and develop major new collaborative initiatives. A core mission for White Rose is to identify and develop major new collaboration opportunities, and secure external investment for these. This has generated in excess of £210m of external investment for collaborations so far. If you have an idea for a new collaboration then get in touch with White Rose – we will work with you to explore and develop the opportunity.
  • The White Rose Collaboration Fund (up to £20k per project) it to support and encourage emerging research collaborations across the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, where there is a compelling rationale for the Universities to collaborate. Projects can be in any, and across any, research areas and have the aspiration to build larger and longer-term initiatives, and secure external investment.
  • In 2022, White Rose added three new strategic themes to the existing mechanisms for collaboration. The three strategic themes are: (i) PhD Collaboration; (ii) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI); (iii) Culture and Careers. Work is underway to develop valuable initiatives/activities for these strategic themes. There is the opportunity to get involved with these strategic themes as this work progresses.
  • There is the opportunity to engage with and benefit from the existing White Rose projects. Examples include the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnerships and the White Rose University Press.
  • If you have an idea for a White Rose collaboration (that does not fit the points above) then get in touch with White Rose – we will help you explore and pursue the idea. It is worth highlighting that White Rose is constantly evolving, and we now have projects that would not have been envisaged when White Rose was established back in 1997. The opportunities for collaboration keep changing, and so we are always on the lookout for the next great idea to develop.