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The York Festival of Ideas in association with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation bring together a range of world-class economists, business leaders, policymakers and commentators to explore how to create fair and inclusive economic growth.
The Future of Food, Saturday 14 June, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York
Bearing in mind the strength of agri-tech and food and drinks companies in North Yorkshire we are keen to encourage businesses and academics to engage in a day focused on the global challenge of how to feed 10 billion people, an exploration of new technologies enabling better crop production, the implications of GM, the development of new food technologies such as stem cell beef and food security and farming’s relationship with supermarkets. The day will feature keynote addresses by leading population biologist Charles Godfray, the developer of the first stem cell beef burger, Mark Post, new Sainsbury’s CEO and the author of Farmageddon as well as scientists at the cutting edge of GM and other new crop technologies. All talks are accessible and free and held at the Ron Cooke Hub on Saturday 14 June. See
Economic Growth for the Many not the few: Friday 20 June
Could the world face another global financial crash? Will banks ever regain public trust and what kind of banking reform is necessary to kickstart economic growth and support new businesses? What are the consequences of unelected bodies taking control of major economic policy decisions? How could an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union affect UK business? What can we learn from emerging markets such as Brazil and China and how will the resurgence of the Japanese economy affect world economic order? What can cities like York do to challenge the economic hegemony of London?
These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in the York Festival of Ideas focus day on economic issues on Friday 20 June from onwards. The day will be delivered in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and features a range of speakers from business and banking, economic policy think-tanks, the third sector and commentators from the Economist and Prospect magazine.
The day will feature keynote speeches from Bob Swarup, author of the widely acclaimed Money Mania and Philip Coggan, author of The future of banking. Panel debates will include former Bank of England Deputy Governor, Andrew Sentence, City Growth Commision panellist, Diane Coyle, policy anlaysts including Andrew Lilico and Steve Hughes, CEO and financial expert Margaret Heffernan, Joseph Rowntree Foundation CEO, Julia Unwin and economists and emerging market experts including Professors Danny Quah and Richard Werner.

All events are free and all talks are aimed at non-specialist audiences – tickets are available here

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