The White Rose University Consortium is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary and you can read more about our successes story here along with our future plans and opportunities.

The current Chair of the Board, Professor Charlie Jeffery, University of York Vice-Chancellor, commented:

White Rose is a key strategic partnership and has delivered a breadth of successful collaborations over the past 25 years to support the Universities’ missions. This includes securing external investment of over £210m for collaborative initiatives. Over recent years, a real highlight has been sustained success in PhD level collaboration, with significant external investment won. Looking to the future, collaboration is more important than ever, and White Rose will continue to play a major role in delivering the Universities’ ambitions. An exciting development is adding three strategic themes for White Rose, including building powerful collaborations in completely new areas.”

Get involved

We are always looking for the next exciting collaboration ideas to work on. If you have a White Rose collaboration idea (especially if it fits the new strategic themes), then please get in touch with us. We have years of experience exploring and developing collaborations and securing external investment.

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