White Rose Gender Equality College secures QR Cultures funding

The White Rose Gender Equality College has secured QR Cultures funding to deliver a project entitled Building understanding of gender equality challenges within research.

The purpose of the Gender Equality College is to highlight gender equality challenges across the world and provide academic teams with access to both expertise and tools to empower positive change within their own research areas.

The college is made up of members from the White Rose Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York with a variety of backgrounds and profiles, and was co-founded by Claire Pickerden, Mel Knight and Patricia Cowell in consultation with college members.

Following the announcement of the funding, Claire Pickerden said: “As a Network we would like to build further linkages, particularly with international partners, and to extend our Coffee Topic themes to best utilise our shared equality expertise. We wish to connect to and learn from other initiatives and explore how gender overlaps with other EDI challenges. Other recent studies will provide ripe content for discussion and identification of best practice. This is a timely opportunity to reach out to global colleagues to share reflections, learning and motivation for change.”

The College continues to meet with members virtually through monthly Coffee Topics with presentations and discussions of gender research often with an international perspective. The Network Funding will be instrumental in strengthening this knowledge exchange and peer support between members, expanding the College to include new members, and engaging with global gender equality scholars.

The project is due to be completed by the end of July 2022.

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