White Rose Gender Equality College Launches Coffee Topics

The White Rose Gender Equality College is launching an exciting programme of Coffee Topics starting in September 2020.

The aim of the Coffee Topics is to bring members of the College together once a month (virtually) to share thoughts and ideas on current gender topics and to enable networking within the college membership.

The meetings will all be held at 11:00 and last for 30 minutes.

The college is made up of members from all three universities with a variety of backgrounds and profiles. The purpose of the college is to highlight gender equality challenges across the world and provide academic teams with access to both expertise and tools to empower positive change within their own research areas. In particular, members can input gender expertise into GCRF and Newton proposals right from your research idea, within your project proposal AND throughout your project activity.

To find out more about the subjects being discussed please visit the dedicated Coffee Topics page.

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