White Rose collaboration project to review family nursing and long-term condition management publishes results

Lead Institution: Leeds: Professor Veronica Swallow
Sheffield: Professor Penny Curtis
York: Professor Yvonne Birks

A White Rose Collaboration Fund Project considering family nursing and long-term condition management has recently published the findings of its review. The paper, “Umbrella review of family-focused care interventions supporting families where a family member has a long-term condition”, is now available in the online Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN).

The study summarised reviews of family-focused care.  Supporting people with a long‐term condition (LTC) is a key health and social care priority across developed economies. Establishing what interventions have been evaluated and if they are clinically and cost‐effective could support organizations and commissioners when deciding future services. View the full publication by visiting the Wiley Online Library. Dr Jo Smith, from the School of Healthcare in Leeds was instrumental in getting the paper published and co-ordinating the collaborative efforts of the White Rose project which brought together academics, practitioners, patients and their carers.

“we are delighted to have achieved such a prestigious output for the project. Hopefully we can build on this in due course” (Professor Veronica Swan)

The White Rose University Consortium is a strategic partnership between the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, for more information visit our web page.

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