White Rose Collaboration Fund spring 2020 Awards

We are delighted to announce the projects which were successful in securing a spring 2020 Collaboration Fund award. There were many interesting and wide-ranging projects, the 5 successful projects were:

  • Visual dysfunction as a biomarker of Frontotemporal Dementia and Motor Neurone Disease – Dr Ryan West, University of Sheffield
  • Between post-colonial solidarity for sustainable energy transitions and neo-colonial extraction: Investigating India’s role in East African energy landscape – Dr Ankit Kumar, University of Sheffield
  • Vital Circulations: A Framework for Understanding Social Dynamics in and beyond a Pandemic – Dr Jieun Kim, University of Leeds
  • Measuring, evaluating and improving the quality of care for dying people and their families – Dr Catriona Mayland, University of Sheffield
  • Enhancing analytical capabilities in soils for low-carbon technologies – Dr Alastair Marsh, University of Leeds

You can read more about the successful submissions here.

An aspect of the Collaboration Fund which is valued is seeing  new innovative ideas submitted by Early Career Researchers.  The scheme, originally launched in October 2008, has enabled academics from the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York to undertake cross-discipline multi-partner research. 

The scheme has helped to raise the profile of the White Rose universities and assisted the careers of researchers. 

Further details of the autumn round will be announced shortly, in the meantime if you have a project idea or any questions please contact Claire Pickerden or Karen Tsui.

Claire PickerdenKaren Tsui
07780 90574807880 182777

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