White Rose Brussels Office Strategy Update

The White Rose Brussels Office was established in 2015 with the purpose of long-term strategic positioning of the three White Rose Universities to key stakeholders in Brussels. The objective was to influence EU research policy, as well as horizon scanning, information gathering and profile raising in key research and policy areas. The project was funded for an initial three year period, followed by an extension of a further two years.

The external environment has changed significantly since 2015, with the UK’s evolving relationship with the EU, and more recently with the impact of COVID-19. The Universities have decided to pursue a different strategy, and the Brussels Office project will not continue beyond 2020. The Universities’ relationships in Europe continue to be important, and this new approach will allow greater flexibility in this changing landscape. The Brussels Office has also provided a valuable learning experience on working in Brussels in this time of major change.

The Brussels Office has delivered a range of achievements, which are summarised in the Achievements of the WRB Office

University of Leeds Vice-Chancellor Professor Simone Buitendijk said: “The White Rose University Consortium Brussels office has given great support to our students and staff, and our strong research networks in Europe in recent years, and we are very grateful to everyone that has been involved in it. Our international links, including those within the EU, remain fundamental to our goals of nurturing future generations of global citizens and carrying out research and education of true global impact and reach. To support this, we intend to maintain a presence in Brussels and are looking at new ways of achieving this. We will be saying more about this soon.”

Craig Walker, Director of the White Rose University Consortium, commented: “I would really like to thank everyone who has contributed over the years to the development and implementation of the Brussels Office. In particular, I would personally like to thank Phil Holliday for all his hard work.”

The White Rose Executive Board has recently reconfirmed support and investment for the White Rose University Consortium. The decision regarding the Brussels Office project will not affect other White Rose initiatives, and these will continue as usual.

For further information regarding the Brussels Office please contact Claire Pickerden (C.Pickerden@whiterose.ac.uk).

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