Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Student demand for credit transfer and recommendations for policy and practice
Students who need to switch universities mid-course for personal reasons need greater support within the sector to prevent them dropping out of their studies altogether, a new report led by the University of Sheffield has found.
The report released  on Friday 1 December 2017 examines student perceptions about mobility and credit transfer and calls for the Office for Students to approach its new duty on this issue using a student-focused perspective, with the view that higher education providers could better facilitate transfers when the need arises.
You can read more about the report here 
Or to see the full report you can download the PDF here 
The White Rose University Consortium (a strategic partnership between the Universities
of Leeds, Sheffield and York) is delighted to contribute to this significant piece of research
on understanding the demand for student mobility and credit transfer, as well as the
practical issues involved. The research project outcomes and recommendations are aimed
at influencing higher education providers, government, and key sector bodies, in order to
support students.
Craig Walker, Director White Rose University Consortium

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