Portraits of menopause: an exhibition of the positive side of menopause

Do you have a positive experience of menopause that you’d like to share? The University of Sheffield is looking for women to share their stories for an online exhibition for the Festival of Social Sciences that runs in November.

We know that women’s experiences of menopause can vary a lot, and that some of us have a horrible time. But women also tell us that they’ve experienced menopause as a time of personal growth, where they feel stronger as a result of overcoming hellish symptoms.

Many tell us that they are relieved to be free from menstruation. Others simply enjoy the menopause in the absence of troublesome symptoms. 

If you have experienced positive aspects to your menopause and would like to add to an inspiring collection of stories, please complete the Portraits of Menopause form:


We welcome submissions from all women at any stage of menopause (peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause), which will be anonymous unless you choose otherwise. Submissions are open up to 20th October.

Personal stories are a powerful way to raise awareness. The exhibition aims to help us have an open and honest conversation about menopause, and to celebrate midlife and beyond!  

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