News – Call for Studentship Networks Application – Agriculture and Food Security

Closing Date – Friday 5th December 2014

This call sits within the remit of the White Rose Universities Consortium BBSRC DTP ‘Mechanistic biology and its strategic application’. Mechanistic biology encompasses the study of basic life-governing processes at all levels of organisation, from the atomic scale to the whole organism.

We are seeking applications from Academics who wish to create a studentship network, the applicant should explain how their research project will deliver mechanistic insights into processes important to agriculture and food security, and how they will embrace New Ways of Working through incorporating a strong interdisciplinary aspect to the research.
Examples could include (but are not limited to)
• genetics and genomics for improved breeding of plants and animals;
• enhancing yield and quality
• plant pathology
• reducing inputs e.g of water or fertilisers
• preventing or combating pests, diseases and weeds
• generating crops adapted to future environments
• reducing spoilage
Additional Information:
• Applications must be made using White Rose Student Network Application forms
• Please note that although these studentships are associated with BBSRC DTP they are funded by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, and not by the BBSRC.
You can download the full information and application form here
White Rose BBSRC DTP Studentship Network Application Form 2015-16 White Rose BBSRC DTP Studentship Network Guidance Notes 2015-16
White Rose BBSRC DTP Studentship Network Application Form 2015-16

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