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New White Rose Report published: Outcomes from the Collaboration Fund

We have produced a report outlining the outcomes and benefits that have been generated by our academic community through their Collaboration Fund projects. Download your copy of our report

White Rose Collaboration Fund Outcomes

Presenting data from 2012 to 2015, collected from 32 projects, the Report presents a exciting  picture of collaboration with benefits including securing external investment, the production of research publications, attracting PhD studentships and a range of other qualitative measures. The Report highlights  4 case studies plus a range of achievements, personal quotes and details from a number of selected projects.

The Collaboration Fund is still going strong, with a call in the Spring and Autumn of each year, designed to support emerging collaborations in areas that have the potential to lead to larger, more strategic initiatives. We have funded 71 projects to date and particularly encourage active involvement from Early Career Researchers as we see it as a positive way to create new partnerships and networks across our 3 universities. If you would like to learn more about the Fund, please see here.. Our next call for funding will be in March 2019.

We would be delighted to come and speak to your department or school to discuss with you in more detail about how we can help support strategic collaborations.  Contact Claire Pickerden, for further information.

White Rose Collaboration Fund Outcomes

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