News – Collaboration fund – call open

We are now welcoming applications to the latest round of our Collaboration Fund. This fund is designed to be a catalyst for strategic collaborative projects and we especially welcome applications from early career researchers or academics who have never been a PI before.
We feel this is an ideal opportunity to expand your academic networks and work +with experienced peers to develop interesting and innovative ideas.
The VCs are particularly supportive of our Collaboration Fund emphasising that it is one of the only programmes that is easy to apply for,  puts little restriction on the way money is spent and offers a true opportunity to collaborate.
The White Rose Collaboration Fund was launched in October 2008 and is designed to support emerging collaborative activities across the three White Rose universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.  We run two rounds a year, in Spring and Autumn, and award up to £11,000 per project with a total of 8 projects being awarded each year.
You can see how to apply here
For more information please contact Dr Nadia Gopichandran 

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