Call for Papers: Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security

European countries are facing serious security and humanitarian challenges amidst unprecedented levels of forced migration. The response, from the EU and beyond, has been characterised by a tension. On one hand, we see increasingly exclusionary policies, a failure in solidarity and a retreat from the Union. On the other, we see calls for ever greater co-operation on matters of security, counter-terrorism and border control. The language of crisis and novelty is used by actors from all sides to invoke the multiple ‘new’ (in)securities that are being generated by current migration – from the vulnerabilities of refugees to mobile terrorist threats. It is the case, however, that the current crisis is re-posing longstanding and intractable political, social and ethical problems relating to (in)security. Indeed, the claim that Europe’s migration and security crisis is entirely new must be treated critically.
Full Details Call for Papers:  Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security

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