The members of the Gender Equality College come from the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. Please browse below to find a member of the college who could help with your specific requirements:

Dr Morgan Campbell,
Transport Studies, Leeds
My doctoral research looked at the intersection of gender and transport mobility in two rapidly urbanizing cities in India. The work focused on different populations of women to better understand how the built and social environment shapes physical and conceptual mobility. I’ve lectured in the Women and Gender Studies department at Rutgers University and been very active in the Women in Transportation network in the US. 

Ornella Iuorio, Civil Engineering, Leeds
I am school champion of Athena Swan and have contributed to the last Faculty Athena Swan application (submitted in April 2019). I have written about gender dimensions in two different grant proposals

Erica Williams,
Engineering Gateway, Sheffield
I have worked for the UKRC for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

Dr Kaltume Akubo,
School of Chemical & Processing, Leeds
I am involved in practical awareness and education for the encouragement of women and men.

Samantha Haynes,
School of Earth & Environment, Leeds
I was the School Equality & Inclusion coordinator for 5 years, and have been involved in the writing and development of two Faculty Athena SWAN applications and the Institutional one. I was secretary of the Women at Leeds staff network for a few years.

Dr Rachel Rothman,
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Sheffield
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges in the UK and was former Faculty Director for Women in Engineering

Professor Julie E Gray,
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Sheffield
Current Chair of the university REF Equality-related Circumstances Review Panel (2019- ). Current Member of MBB Equality and Diversity Committee. Chair of the University of Sheffield Women’s Network (2016-17) and member of the Women’s Professorial Network. Addressed audience of 1000+ women at the Associated Country Women of the World Triennial World Conference 2016 on women’s networks.
Mentor on University of Sheffield’s Impact Mentoring programme for women lecturers (2008-onwards).

Gwendolen Reilly,
Bioengineering, Sheffield
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges in the UK. Faculty Director of Equality, Diversity and inclusion.

Professor Irene D’Amico, Physics, York
Member of the University Athena SWAN Project working group (2005 – 2013) and achieved a Silver Award for Physics (2012). Departmental representative for Project Juno (2007 – 2013) and achieved the Champion Award for Physics (2012). Chair of Departmental Equality Committee (2009 – 2013). Gender Balance Advisor for European COST Action ‘Nanoscale Quantum Optics’ (2014 – 2015). Member of University of York Women’s Forum (2014 -) and Convenor (2016 – 2018). Member of the European Quantum Flagship Working Group on Gender Equality (2019 -). 

photo of Ruth Purvis

Dr Ruth Purvis, Chemistry, York
Vice chair of Chemistry Equality and Diversity committee, involved with the National Centre of Atmospheric Science (NCAS) E and D programme.

Professor Caitlin Buck,
Mathematics, Sheffield
I am a (Bayesian) statistician with interests in archaeology and environmental science. I am co-founder and current co-lead of the TUoS Women Profs Network, a past chair of the Women@TUoS Network and have been a co-author of both the departmental and University Athena SWAN applications.

Dr Katie McQuaid, Geography, Leeds
My current research focuses on broadening and deepening current approaches to gender equality within urban climate planning and policy in Uganda and Myanmar. I have previous experience of gender equality issues in Uganda, India and Malawi.

Lisa-Dionne Morris,
Mechanical Engineering, Leeds
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas, particularly employment and pan-disabilities in Kenya and Bangladesh.

Dr Leonie Jones, Chemistry, York
Department of Chemistry Employability and Diversity Officer, heavily involved in preparation of a successful Athena SWAN Gold application and day to day delivery of gender equality action plan. I have developed unconscious bias observer training for our UB Observer Scheme and am responsible for collecting survey and focus group data around a variety of E&D issues.  

Dr Edgar Barajas Ledesma
Materials Science and Engineering, Sheffield
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges whilst working in Mexico as a lecturer and Head of Department in Nanotechnology and Foundation Year. I have joined the White Rose Gender Equality College with the main purpose of sharing experiences from different sociocultural environments and learning from each other.