The members of the Gender Equality College come from the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. Please browse below to find a member of the college who could help with your specific requirements:

Dr Louise Preston,
ScHARR Information Resources, Sheffield
My experience is largely related to chairing the University Parents Network, being a member of the University Gender Equality Committee and being the Faculty Director for ED&I for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health. My research area is systematic reviewing and I have undertaken a systematic review for Wellcome on bias in research.

Dr Sharron Hinchliff,
Nursing & Midwifery, Sheffield
My research is mostly focused on gender equality issues. In particular, on women and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Invited speaker at the Women Deliver conference 2019 (the world’s largest conference on gender equality).

Dr Amy Russell,
Institute of Health Sciences, Leeds
A background in the Humanities, I have researched and lectured in Religious Studies. My Masters looked at the embodied experiences of women in nation building activities in Sierra Leone. My PhD examined the experiences of women who had been trafficked for sexual exploitation. I have published in sociology, religious studies and human geography and have been a guest lecturer on criminology modules.  I have been Deputy Director for the Centre of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and now work in health research focusing on health inequalities. I am a member of the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team and lead the Faculty level E&I Committee for Leeds Institute of Health Sciences. 

Professor Patricia Cowell,
School of Allied Health Professions, Nursing and Midwifery, Sheffield
My research is in sex differences in cortical development and ageing. Practical experience in gender equality challenges overseas. Co-Founder of the White Rose Gender College.

Dr Parveen Ali, Nursing, Sheffield
My research is mostly focused on gender equality issues: gender, gender based violence, and domestic violence. I have practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas and in the UK.

Dr Lynne Bingle,
Clinical Dentistry, Sheffield
Athena SWAN chair for School SAT for 6 years, former Chair of Women@TUOS network. I have practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas and in the UK.

Associate Professor Louise Bryant, Medicine, Leeds
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges in the UK. I am gender equality lead for the School of Medicine at Leeds.

Associate Professor Rebecca King,
Institute of Health & Development, Leeds
I was lead for gender and intersectionality related work on a DfID funded RPC (£7 million); and am a member of RinGs (research in gender and ethics). I have extensive practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas.

Dr Bryony Dawkins, Health Economics, Leeds 
My research is on health inequalities (including gender), research design to ensure promotion of female and Low and Middle Income Country partner development and capacity building.

Professor Julie McGarry, Health Sciences School, Sheffield
My research and clinical leadership experience has focused on domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Prior to joining the University of Sheffield I held a strategic trust wide lead role for domestic abuse and sexual safety at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh, Health Sciences School, Sheffield
My work is primarily focused on health inequalities related to gender and race. My PhD explored the sexual health and well-being experiences of older women living with Type 2 diabetes. I am a Committee member of the University of Sheffield Health Sciences School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.