The members of the Gender Equality College come from the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. Please browse below to find a member of the college who could help with your specific requirements:

Dr Paula Burkinshaw, Management Department, Leeds
I have been fascinated by gendered leadership cultures for some time now and completed my PhD at Lancaster University exploring the under-representation of women at the top of higher education. My current research involves projects on gender and leadership across retail, health and academic medicine, and higher education sectors.

Dr Gurleen Popli, Economics, Sheffield
My research is focused on labour market and socioeconomic inequalities and early years’ development of children; with interest in mental health and ethnicity based disparities. I was a member of the E&D Committee for the Faculty of Social Sciences  (2013 – 2015) and a member of the Female Academics’ Progression Action Plan Steering Group (2012 – 2013). 

Dr Lisa Thorley, POLIS, Leeds
I have conducted research on issues pertaining to women and land rights, food security and HIV, as well as climate change. I have undertaken numerous evaluations for UN agencies, the World Bank, donors and NGOs, all of which have been gender focused. 

Dr Briony Birdi,
Information School, Sheffield
Currently Co-Director of EDI for Social Sciences. Nominated member of National Diversity Committee and Ethics Review Panel (professional body), and recently part of steering group for national workforce mapping project, focusing on gender and ethnic diversity. I teach equality, diversity and social justice to Masters students. My research focuses on social justice in relation to reading and libraries. 

Dr Evangeline Tsao,
Centre for Women’s Studies, York
I am a Gender Equality Research Fellow researching on gender and intersectional (in)equality in HEI. I participate in Athena SWAN related activities at York. My research and teaching areas include feminist and critical pedagogy, sexuality, intersectionality and gender theories.

Dr Paula Meth,
Urban Studies and Planning, Sheffield
My research is mostly focused on gender quality issues, on gender violence, relations and changes tied to urban change. I have practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas.

Dr Alice Nah,
Centre for Applied Human Rights, York
I have conducted research on how gender and intersectionality shapes the risks experienced by human rights defenders, focusing on women and LGBTI defenders. I was commissioned by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders to write a report on the situation of women human rights defenders at risk, presented to the Human Rights Council in March 2019. 

Dr Lucasz Szulc, Sociological Studies, Sheffield
I have conducted research with LGBTQ communities, including transgender people.

Prof Vanita Sundaram, Education, York
My research programme focuses centrally on gender and education, with specific work being done on gender-based harassment and violence in education. I am Athena SWAN chair for my academic department and am an elected academic member of the University EDI Committee.

Dr Seth Mehl, School of English, Sheffield
I have conducted humanities-driven GCRF-funded research in South Africa into gender and well-being. I am a member of the Keywords Project, which studies semantic histories of English words whose complex meanings complicate the social and cultural debates of which they are a part – including, for example, ‘gender’, ‘feminist’, and ‘trans’.

Dr Lorna Warren,
Sociological Studies, Sheffield
The topic of gender and ageing has been the key focus of four grants that I have held.  Much of my research has taken a participatory approach, meaning I have worked closely with older people in investigating the topic and disseminating the results. With Prof Alan Walker, I established ChASM, a Charter against Ageism and Sexism in the Media. I am currently chairing the Athena Swan committee in the Department of Sociological Studies. 

Prof Johanna Stiebert
Theology & Religious Studies, Leeds
I have practical experience of gender equality challenges overseas. Research on gender roles in the Hebrew Bible, feminist and queer

Dr Lata Narayanaswamy,
International Studies, Leeds
I have been working broadly in the area of gender and development since 2000 – as a practitioner, consultant and now lecturer. My research is gender/feminism, power, knowledge and I am applying these ideas in consortia bids looking variously at climate change, water security and menstrual health. I am also active in thinking about ‘decolonising’ as a challenge to HE research, including ‘decolonising feminisms’.

Prof Susan Fitzmaurice, English, Sheffield
I am a member of a research group investigating gender equality challenges in projects funded by GCRF. I have practical experience of gender equality challenges in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Dr Eva Kipnis, International Marketing, Sheffield
My experience in gender equality challenges mainly relates to intersections of gender and other discriminated identity markers, particularly disability and ethnicity/race. My research focuses on representation of discriminated identities in media, as well as provision of services and products to individuals possessing discriminated identities by formal and informal market structures. Aspects that I have focused on include double jeopardy through intersections of disability, ethnicity/race and gender.

Dr Fan Bella Yang,
Centre for Health Economics, York
I have an interest in gender equality, my research is on health inequality and decision analytic modelling.