The Professional Ethics Network – Charitable Giving and the Myth of Win-Win

Charitable Giving and the Myth of Win-Win: The Ethics of Charitable Giving and the Implications for Charitable Fund-Raising

Professor George Newman, Yale School of Management, will be presenting at this Professional Ethics Network Event.

“How do we judge someone who reaps personal gains from doing good works? In this talk, I’ll examine cases that appear to be a win-win, in which an individual is able to both ‘do good’ and “do well.” I’ll discuss a recent line of studies examining people’s moral judgments about such cases, as well as the downstream consequences those judgments hold for individual’s own charitable behavior. The implications for fundraising at the individual and organizational levels will be discussed.”
This event will be held at the Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics Centre, University of Leeds and will commence at 6pm and conclude with a buffet evening meal.

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