Social Science & Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund : Catching the Wave


The Innovation Caucus is hosting this event to explore how the social sciences can contribute to the Industrial Strategy and participate with the forthcoming waves of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. This event is aimed at social science academics and researchers to support and promote engagement with the Industrial Strategy and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. With many calls live under Wave 2 of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and the priority themes of Wave 3 now released, the Catching the Wave event is aimed at social scientists across all disciplines with the aim to generate ideas and build connections.


  • Keynote from Dan Hodges (Deputy Director of Strategy, Innovate UK) on ‘Industrial Strategy and the Social Sciences in ISCF Wave 3’
  • Panel Discussion on ‘How the Social Sciences can add value’
  • Round table and plenary on framing and articulating the value and offer of social science research for the ISCF
  • Keynote from Melanie Knetsch (Deputy Director of Innovation and Impact, ESRC) on ‘ESRC’s Business Engagement Vision’
  • Panel Discussion on ‘Experiences of the ISCF and the Industrial Strategy’.

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