Meet the Editors and Publisher

Social Policy Association Annual Conference

University of Sheffield
Would you like positive information and advice on developing your publications strategy while also learning how to avoid some common pitfalls? Social Policy Association consultations over the last two years have revealed how information and advice relating to publications is in clear demand. As a result, interested parties are warmly invited to Meet the Editors and Publisher. To find out more about how to enhance your positive publication outcomes, join us at this event organised by the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre during the UK Social Policy Association Annual Conference 2013 at the University of Sheffield. Chaired by Professor Nick Ellison, the following five panellists will share their knowledge before discussing any of your questions:

  • Professor Hugh Bochel (University of Lincoln, Social Policy and Society)
  • Professor Hartley Dean (LSE, Journal of Social Policy)
  • Professor Ian Greener (Durham University, Social Policy and Administration)
  • Professor Kirstein Rummery (University of Stirling, Social Policy Review, Policy and Politics)
  • Alison Shaw (Policy Press)

If you are interested in attending this session, please follow this link to the website for the Social Policy Association Annual Conference 2013.
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