Contested Territories Workshop


How do we conceptualise and research Contested Territories in Latin America?
May 20th and 21st, 2019
School of Geography University of Leeds

Keynote speakers: Sofia Zaragocin (Universidad San Francisco de Quito) and Sam Halvorsen (Queen Mary, London)


Contested Territories is a conceptual notion that aims at focusing on the production and appropriation of space and knowledge(s) in and through often overlapping cultural, economic, environmental, political and spatial conflicts occurring at multiple sites, places and scales.

It has the scope to de-centre traditional Anglophone discourses about territory by including critical dialogues between different sets of under-standings, world views and knowledges, especially those which are rooted in alternative political and social practices emerging in and from Latin America.

Recent research about conflict and contestation in Latin America has taken up these discourses, developing novel epistemological, conceptual and meth-odological approaches that provide nuanced considerations and critiques to hegemonic ways of imagin-ing disputed relations in space and society.

Our workshop at the University of Leeds mirrors these chal-lenges by posing the question how the conceptual notion of Contested Territories in Latin America can be further developed both theoretically and practically.

For full details about this workshop and how you can contribute please download the pdf. below

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