1st EPSRC MultiSim Interdisciplinary Workshop on Multiscale Modelling

Multiscale modelling as a technique is used across the breadth of engineering disciplines and associated application domains. This diversity of application leads to a great variety in the way multiscale modellers communicate about multiscale modelling, to researchers within their own discipline, to researchers outside their own discipline, and to non-researchers. Clearly, this has implications on scientific exchange, collaboration and impact.

With this context, this workshop will aim to:

  1. collate current challenges from various fields where multiscale modelling is applied;
  2. critique existing and novel approaches to solving these challenges;
  3. explore challenges in communicating multiscale modelling ideas within application domains; and
  4. explore challenges in communicating multiscale modelling ideas across application domains

These goals will be driven through talks delivered by multiscale modelling experts from several application domains, supplemented by Q&A and summative group exercises. Dedicated network sessions will provide participants further opportunities to interact.

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