White Rose Early Career Screen Industries Research Network

The White Rose Early Career Screen Industries Research Network (ECSiRN) will consolidate screen industries research in the region and establish a dynamic research community. The term screen industries includes film, television, videogames and immersive media. Different types of screen industries have become increasingly interconnected, blurring the boundaries between business models, patterns of consumption, content and working conditions.

The network has 3 objectives: 

  1. Establishing a community of researchers – The network will provide a space for scholars from different disciplines to work together to advance screen industries research. Building upon interdisciplinary expertise in screen industries research (e.g. SIGN, XR Stories, Centre for Cultural Value, Sheffield Centre for Research in Film), ECSiRN seeks to identify the challenges arising from the industry developments noted above. The network will expand its collaboration beyond the partners and establish relations with other universities in the region (e.g. University of Huddersfield, Leeds Beckett University) to enrich the profile of screen industries research and ensure the sustainability of the network.
  1. Working with industry – The network will bring together academics and industry partners across Yorkshire and the Humber, building upon the expertise and research experience of the applicants (e.g. Ukie, Channel 4, BFI Film Hub North, Warner, Niantic). 
  1. Supporting early career researchers (ECRs) – Support for ECRs is central to this project, and will take the form of an online space for collaborative working, workshops and events, and grant writing and publication opportunities. This focus on ECR development will catalyse a new generation of screen industries researchers in the region.

Lead Academics at Lead Institution:  
Dr Nathan Townsend, Research Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media,University of York
Dr Peter Merrington, Lecturer in the Business of the Creative and Cultural Industries, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Department, University of York

Lead Academics at other two universities:
Dr Mark Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences and AHRC Leadership Fellow, Sheffield Methods Institute, University of Sheffield
Dr David Lee, Associate Professor, Media and Communication, School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds

Other staff
Dr David Forrest, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, School of English
Dr Jennifer Coates, Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies, School of East Asian Studies

Dr Beatrice D’Ippolito, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management, The York Management School
Dr Claire Ingram, Research Associate Digital Creativity Labs, Department of Computer Science
Dr Constantin Popp, Research Associate XR Stories, Electronic Engineering Department
Dr Samuel Stockley-Patel, Research Associate XR Stories, Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

Dr Kris Erickson, Associate Professor in Media and Communication, School of Media and Communication
Dr Sally Osei-Appiah, Teaching Fellow in Media and Communication School of Media and Communication

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