White Rose Early Career Ethics Researchers (WRECERs)

WRECERs is a  network of early-career researchers at York, Leeds, and Sheffield, who work in ethics (broadly construed to include ethical theory, metaethics, applied ethics, and political philosophy).
Three key objectives of WRECERs are
(i) to foster the development of research networks across participating universities;
(ii) to facilitate production of high-level publications in ethics (broadly construed) by participant scholars; and
(iii) to lay the groundwork for development of future grant bids, such as for Leverhulme Research Project Grants, AHRC Early Career Research Grants, and ERC Starting Grants.
Much of the sponsored research, especially the work in applied ethics and politics, is likely to have impact, informing public policy and public opinion on matters of great civic import.
The project will strengthen and expand the range of work already being done by WRECERs members on topics such as climate ethics, healthcare, medical resource allocation, disability, etc. Other sponsored research will address growth areas in ethics and political philosophy, such as population ethics, inequality, and virtue ethics.
Lead Academics on this project
Dr. Richard Chappell (York, Philosophy)
Prof. Matthew Smith (Leeds, Philosophy),
Dr. T Ryan Byerly (Sheffield, Philosophy)
Other members of staff associated with this project
Dr. Dorothea Debus (philosophy),
Dr. Johan Gustaffson (philosophy),
Dr. Christopher Jay (philosophy),
Dr. Martin O’Neill (politics),
Dr. Tom O’Shea (politics).
Dr. Elizabeth Ellis (Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre),
Dr. Daniel Elstein (philosophy),
Dr. Carl Fox (IDEA)
Dr. Holly Lawford-Smith (philosophy),
Dr. Daniel Viehoff (philosophy).

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