Risk, Resilience and Governance in an Age of Uncertainty

Martina McGuinness (Sheffield)
Evelyne Coles (Leeds)
Matthian Beck (York)

A project on Risk, Resilience and Governance in an Age of Uncertainty is being co-ordinated by Dr Martina McGuinness (Sheffield). Across the globe, civil protection has emerged as a significant policy concern in recent years driven by
issues such as terrorism, flooding and pandemic flu. Within the UK focusing events like 7/7, the floods of 2007 and latterly swine flu have tested existing structures of preparedness at the national and local level. This has called into question the adequacy of the current state of UK preparedness for extreme events, not least in terms of the critical national infrastructure. This project will establish a crossdisciplinary White Rose network on risk, resilience and governance
and utilise the network to develop applications for funding from external sources. In addition the project team will develop national and international linkages in this area of work with academics engaged in related research and with stakeholders engaged in policy development and implementation.

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