Policy for the Effective Realisation of Energy Storage in Grid and Transport Applications.

Lead Academic Prof. Tim Cockerill (Leeds)
Dr. Grant Wilson (Sheffield)
Dr. Samarthia Thankappan (York)
The White Rose Universities have developed a substantial portfolio of expertise applicable to the policy, environmental, techno-economic and socio-economic aspects of energy storage for grid and transport applications. Our expertise is comparable to that of the leading UK universities in the South East’s golden triangle that are attempting to dominate this area. However our comparatively poor profile with international players and policy makers makes building on our strengths difficult. The aim of this project is to address this deficiency, positioning the Universities for forthcoming EPSRC, Horizon 2020, consultancy and government advisory opportunities. Specific objectives are:
 Develop the profile of the participants by raising awareness of our existing outputs, current work and capabilities,
 Identify key research questions by working together towards the proposal objectives,
 Place the participants in a strong position for calls by fostering links with policy makers, funders and industry,
 Influence the storage research agenda to more strongly recognise the importance of techno-economic, environmental and policy factors,
 Gain momentum and develop a platform of trust for future collaborative bids that would be difficult to achieve without White Rose support.
Academics associated with this project
Lead Academic Prof. Tim Cockerill (Leeds)
Dr. Grant Wilson (Sheffield)
Dr. Samarthia Thankappan (York)
Prof. Peter Taylor (Leeds)
Prof. Peter Hall (Sheffield)
Prof. Colin Brown (York)
Dr. Paul Upham (Leeds)

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