Peace of Mind: Researching Mindfulness Based Approaches for Positive Mental Health in Children and Young People.

Lead Academic – Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones (Leeds)
Dr Lisa Berry – (Sheffield)
Dr Pam Hanley – (York)
Child wellbeing in England is low compared to most developed countries and is of concern given its
association with poor social, psychological and economic outcomes,
In response, the WHO NICE  and the Chief Medical Officer have called for cost-effective, evidenced based, proactive approaches to positive mental health in schools.
The White Rose  Universities share interest and expertise in mindfulness based approaches (MBA) to mental
health in schools and we request funding to harness inter-institutional potential. MBA promote
attention to the present, without judgement, and shift maladaptive relationships with thoughts and
emotions. Although the effectiveness of MBA approaches is well established in adult populations,
UK research in schools is embryonic.
This  collaboration aims to progress research examining the potential of school based MBA to
build young people’s mental health, resilience and school engagement.
Project Lead – Dr Siobhan Hugh-Jones – Leeds
Dr Lisa Berry, University of Sheffield – Sheffield
Dr Pam Hanley, University of York  – York
Dr Donna Lloyd,
Prof Mark Conner,
Dr Sandy Tebuef,
Dr Amanda Waterman
Dr Tracey Bywater
Dr Georgina RowseC
Dr Sahaja Davis (Educational Psychology, Leeds City Council)
Mr Rob Broughton (Practitioner, Northern Centre for Compassion and Mindfulness)

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