Migration and Economic Crisis: Responses of Brits at home and abroad

Majella Kilkey  – Project Lead (Sheffield)
Dr Neil Lunt (York)
Dr Louise Waite ( Leeds)

This project has the overall aim of developing a White Rose-led international research network on Migration and Economic Crisis, which will provide the platform for grant capture, publications and strategic PGR recruitment. Its specific objectives are to:
• Bring together a multidisciplinary critical mass of migration researchers within the White Rose University Consortium
• Strengthen existing links and strive to establish new links with relevant academic and non-academic partners in the UK, the EU and internationally (including significant WUN linkages)
• Grow a national and international profile for the White Rose University Consortium of expertise in the area of migration and economic crisis
• Develop an initial programme of work which addresses an important gap in current migration research, and is focused on the migration-related responses of the British at home and abroad to the current economic crisis
To address these objectives, the project will undertake the following activities:
• The development of a network website
• A project inception event: The Economic Crisis and Mobile Brits
• Two seminars, involving national and international participants, designed to inform the development of a programme of work around understanding the migration-related responses of the British to the current economic crisis. The seminars will provide theoretical, methodological and empirical insights on the following topics:
Seminar 1: The British diaspora: responses to economic crisis (e.g. retirement
migrants in euro-zone crisis countries, role of transnational (family) networks in facilitating new migration, diaspora economic mobilisation)
Seminar 2: ‘New’ migratory movements: issues and debates (e.g. Generation Y graduates, professionals as the ‘squeezed middle’, skill-shortage migration, impact on children)
• The preparation of an edited volume (book or special issue of a journal) based on the seminars
• The preparation of an international research bid/s to the European Commission and / or national funding bodies in participating partner countries

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