Mental Health and Ageing Research: White Rose INitiative (MARWIN)

Dr. Praveen Thokala  –  Project Lead (Sheffield)
Mary Godfrey (Leeds)
Gillian Parker (York)

The project is addressing the key issues of mental health and wellbeing in ageing population through highly experienced and appropriately multidisciplinary team with expertise in health and social policy, health care and applied health and social research, statistical and health economic modelling to assure the success of the network; A Multidisciplinary Approach for Supporting An Ageing Population
(1) Establish a multidisciplinary White Rose network in Ageing and Mental Health
(2) Develop links with relevant Industry/Academic partners
(3) Improve the standing of the three universities in the area of ageing and mental
health by enhancing research, dissemination and impact.
(4) Provide a platform for collaborative funding applications
(1) To host an Inception event at the University of Sheffield
(2) Enhance our online presence to attract potential collaborators
(3) Organise an International Workshop on Ageing and Mental Health
(4) Develop programme grant application(s) on Ageing and Mental Health

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