Governance, identity and political economy in the North of England

Lead Academic – Richard Hayton (Leeds)
Dr Craig Berry (Sheffield)
Professor Martin Smith (York)
In the aftermath of the 2014 independence referendum in Scotland, critical questions are being posed about the nature of the constitutional settlement across the United Kingdom as a whole. While immediate attention has focused on the devolution of extensive new powers to the Scottish Parliament, the wider issue of the future governance of England within the evolving framework of the Union has become ever more important. Such matters are intimately linked with broader questions of both identity and political economy. These issues are particularly acute in the North of England, where distinctive regional identities remain prominent. There is little sign of the promised economic ‘rebalancing’, which the coalition government has identified as essential to sustainable growth, and the widening ‘North-South divide’ threatens to further embed social and economic inequalities.
At this vital juncture the White Rose Consortium for the North of England (WRCN) proposed by this project would be territorially and strategically placed to help fulfil four objectives. Firstly, to act as a forum to facilitate dialogue between key stakeholders with an interest in addressing questions of identity, governance and political economy in the North. These include representatives of local councils and businesses, third sector organisations, as well as academic experts. Secondly, to establish interdisciplinary and cross-institutional research initiatives involving staff from the three partner universities, bringing together scholars from Economics, Geography, Politics and Sociology. Thirdly, to develop plans for a collaborative studentship network. Fourthly, to submit at least two large strategic grants, including to the ESRC in relation to the ‘vibrant and fair society’ priority theme, and the Leverhulme Trust on ‘The Politics of the Governance of the North’.

You can learn more about this project here

Other academics involved with this project
Dr Jim Buller, University of York
Dr Mark Davis, University of Leeds
Dr Katharine Dommett, University of Sheffield
Professor Andrew Gamble, University of Sheffield
Professor Martin Jones, University of Sheffield
Dr Sandra Leon, University of York
Dr Felicity Matthews, University of Sheffield
Dr Stuart McAnulla, University of Leeds
Dr Adam White, University of York
Dr Nichola Wood, University of Leeds

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