Establishing a Centre for History of Philosophy (CHiPhi)

Michael Beaney – Project Lead  (York)
Alix Cohen (Leeds)
Robert Stern (Sheffield)

The White Rose Centre for the History of Philosophy (CHiPhi) will bring together staff and postgraduates from the three Universities to consolidate the wide-ranging expertise into a virtual centre for the History of Philosophy that exceeds the resources and expertise of any one UK University. The aims and benefits of CHiPhi will be to raise the national and international profile of the three Universities in the field of the history of philosophy, act as a magnet to attract
international scholars and postgraduates, provide a long-term collaborative focus for funding applications and enhance teaching, research, dissemination and impact. The project team believe that fruitful work in the history of philosophy involves exploring the relationships between different thinkers, or placing their work in wider context, which requires drawing on the expertise of other scholars. Fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration will thus be of enormous value to all those working in the area. The project is being co-ordinated by Professor Michael Beaney (York).

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