Assessing the appropriateness of existing model adaptation methods to the context of middle-income countries:

a case study on Taxanes for adjuvant treatment of early breast cancer in South Africa

Project Lead Abualbishr Alshreef (Sheffield)
Bryony Dawkins (Leeds)
Dr Matthew Taylor (York)
Economic Evaluations (EE) and more broadly Health Technology Assessments (HTA) are increasingly used to inform health care decision making worldwide. The traditional methods of conducting EEs are often time consuming and expensive. Transferability of EEs through model adaptation has been proposed as a potential solution which could save scarce resources for decision makers in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). A range of approaches have been proposed for guiding an assessment of transferability. However, little is known about their implementation and several important methodological and practical challenges continue to exist. In the context of SA, early breast cancer was identified as a priority issue by the National Department of Health.
The project aims to assess the appropriateness of existing methods for guiding transferability of EEs through model adaptation to the context of middle-income countries (MICs).

Publications from this project

Cost-Effectiveness of Docetaxel and Paclitaxel for Adjuvant Treatment of Early Breast Cancer: Adaptation of a Model-Based Economic Evaluation From the United Kingdom to South Africa –

MO4 – Assessing the Appropriateness of Existing Model Adaptation Methods for Low and Middle-Income Countries –

Co-applicants from the White Rose Universities:

  • Prof Simon Dixon (Sheffield)
  • Prof Tony Culyer (York)
  • Dr David Meads (Leeds)
  • Sue Ward (Sheffield)

International collaborators (South Africa):

  • Prof Karen Hofman, Director of PRICELESS SA is funded by Wits Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Ijeoma Edoka, Health Economist, PRICELESS SA is funded by Wits Faculty of Health Sciences

External Experts/Collaborators:

  • Prof Joanne Lord, Director and Professional Fellow in Health Economics, (Southampton)
  • Dr Kalipso Chalkidou, Director, NICE International (London)
  • Francis Ruiz, Senior Advisor, NCE International (London)

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