Assessing Functional Ability in Older Adults

To meet the societal challenge of successful ageing, the WHO recently proposed a focus-shift from disease and symptoms to functional ability enabling wellbeing in older adults (WHO, 2015). Functional ability — to be and to do what the individual values — is determined by physical and mental ability, environmental and situational context, and interactions thereof. Yet, little is known about variability in and predictors of functional ability in older adults and how they relate to everyday-life competence, especially concerning age-related cognitive declines. Indeed, the WHO (2017) explicitly calls for establishing a stronger evidence base, including improving measurement, monitoring, and research in healthy ageing. This project works directly toward meeting this call.
Lead Academic at Lead Institution
Claudia von Bastian – University of Sheffield
Lead Academics at Other Institutions
Richard Allen – University of Leeds
Fiona McNab, – University of York 
Other members of staff associated with this project

  • Tom Stafford
  • George Pavlidis, 

University of Leeds -James Stone
University of York – Alan Baddeley
External (academic): Jessica Andrews-Hanna, University of Arizona (US), Department of Psychology, Cognitive Science Program
External (nonacademic): André Locher, Tatool Web developer (, Sheffield

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