A new approach for indoor air pollutant measurements

Nicola Carslaw – Project Lead (York)
Dwayne Heard (Leeds)
Abigail Hathaway (Sheffield)
 Dr Nicola Carslaw (York) is coordinating a team of researchers on a project which aims to measure the concentrations of key chemical and biological pollutants indoors, many of which have only previously been inferred by modelling studies.  These concentrations will then be compared to those in a new and old building, as building practices (i.e. ventilation rates, materials) affect pollutant concentrations.  This collaboration brings together indoor and outdoor air pollution experts who can measure key pollutants that may impact health indoors, particularly the vulnerable.  The successful completion of this project will represent a significant step forwards for research in this area, and will facilitate a number of applications for further funding to be submitted.


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