Collaboration Fund – How To Apply



The White Rose University Consortium invites applications for projects to support and encourage emerging research collaborations across the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. The objective of the Fund is to support research projects which have the potential to develop national and international links with the aim of these leading to larger more strategic initiatives.

The White Rose Executive Board regularly reviews the Funds progress and has recognised the value of these collaborations in supporting emerging activities by funding two calls per year. Applications are encouraged from staff in areas where there are no existing collaborations between the White Rose Universities. However this does not exclude existing areas of collaboration between the universities where support might lead to enhanced activity and significant funding opportunities. It is anticipated that 4 projects will be supported in this round. A summary of previously funded projects can be found on the White Rose website

The Collaboration Fund is currently being reviewed and from 2021 the intention is to have a refreshed approach. More detail will follow in the Spring Round 2021.

The closing date for applications is 1200 on Thursday 28 January 2021

Download the:

Application Criteria

The eligibility criteria are set out below:

  • Applications must include participants from all three Universities.
  • Each application must include a minimum of two members of staff (post doctoral researchers are eligible) per institution, with a lead member of academic staff identified at each University. The partners need to identify an agreed lead academic/University as having overall responsibility for the project.
  • Each project should have a value of between £8-11kbut applications up to a maximum of £15k will be accepted where the project activity demands this higher level of expenditure. Reasons for this higher budget must be set out clearly in the application: some examples could include equipment costs; technical testing; high level of consumables.


We continue to accept applications and understand that Covid-19 will have an impact on project activities. Please plan your project within the current context of active Covid restrictions.
We want to support researchers winning our grants in this challenging time and we are happy to discuss your application with you before submission. For this Round, we anticipate that projects will start between March and July 2021. We advise that you plan for face to face workshops and events from June 2021 and we will work with you as the situation changes. This includes treating the12 month project timeline with flexibility to ensure that project activities and outputs can be delivered.

Application process

Applicants should complete the White-Rose-Collaboration-Fund-Application-Form, and submit electronically to Claire Pickerden by 1200 on Thursday 28 January2021.

Support for Developing White Rose Collaborations

The White Rose Team are here to support new collaborations across the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, across all Faculties and subject areas.
We are happy to discuss any of the following:
  1. draft applications before submission; this includes discussion on how to incorporate the potential impact of Covid-19;
  2. new ideas and emerging projects that may not be ready for this current round eg finding contacts to create the project team, scoping out your project idea etc;
  3. potential for collaboration beyond the scope of this Fund eg developing large scale collaborative funding bids;
  4. other collaborative ideas that may not have a specific research focus but involve collaboration in other areas such as teaching and learning, outreach, public engagement, knowledge exchange etc.
If you have any enquiries regarding this scheme please contact Claire Pickerden (who runs the Collaboration Fund scheme)  Tel: 07780 905748 or Karen Tsui Tel: 07880 182777.