Research Culture Project

Building understanding of gender equality challenges within research

The White Rose Gender Equality College has secured QR Cultures funding to deliver a project entitled Building understanding of gender equality challenges within research.

Project overview

The White Rose Gender Equality College was set up to highlight gender equality challenges across the world and provide academic teams, no matter their host discipline, with access to both expertise and tools to empower positive change within their own research areas. The college members are from across all Faculties at the White Rose Universities, who bring gender equality expertise and links with international partners. The ethos of the College is inclusive and we welcome members from underrepresented groups, benefiting from the diversity of their expertise.

Project Objectives:

● To highlight and build understanding of gender equality challenges in research

● To build areas of thematic research strength

● To strengthen and build strategic regional and global partnerships

● To share knowledge and best practice in gender research and impact

● To create a Resource Bank

The College meets virtually through monthly Coffee Topics with presentations and discussions of gender research often with an international perspective. This project will strengthen this knowledge exchange and peer support between members, expanding the College to include new members, and engaging with global gender equality scholars. The pandemic has drawn geographically based inequalities into sharp focus, with many problems afflicting us here in the UK affecting others the world over. We will draw from and contribute to international research initiatives that address UN Strategic Development Goal 5 and the broader remit of gender equality. Equally, we can contribute to raising awareness of gender inequalities across the research community and aim to empower teams to affect whole scale change.

For this project, we will apply a thematic approach, based on the Coffee Topics that have been delivered to date and adding new dimensions::

Building gender beyond the Binary

Visibility and Unstereotyping

Gender in community based co-produced research

Gender-based Violence

The College seeks to build further linkages, particularly with international partners, we will build in capacity to extend these themes to best utilise the shared equality expertise. We wish to connect to and learn from other initiatives, and recent studies which will provide ripe content for discussion and identification of best practice. This is a timely opportunity to reach out to global colleagues to share reflections, learning, and motivation for change.


We have hosted 2 Seminars:

Seminar 1:
1100 – 1400, Wednesday 8 June 2022, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield.

Seminar 2:
1400 – 1700, Wednesday 13 July 2022, International Workshop.

This was a virtual event as part of a White Rose Gender Equality College project funded by Research England. There was a series of presentations from speakers followed by Q&A session and discussion.


14:00 Welcome and Opening remarks – Prof Patricia Cowell and Prof Louise Bryant
14:15 Enhancing research cultures through international networking – Dr Paula Burkinshaw and Ella Hodson
14:35 Silence, disruption, voice: the landscape of research in gender based violence – Prof Julie McGarry
15:15 Screen break
15:25 Gender, risk, and activism – Dr Alice Nah
15:50 Understanding female labour force participation – Dr Gurleen Popli
16:15 Gender disparity in computer science – Prof Heidi Christensen
16:40 Gender inequality in global health – Dr Roxanne Keynejad
16:55 Closing comments – Claire Pickerden

Please click on the image to watch the recording of the event.