Welcome to the White Rose University Consortium

The White Rose University Consortium is a strategic partnership between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

  • Partners: Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. All three are members of the UK’s Russell Group of research-intensive, world-class universities.
  • Established: 1997
  • Function: To add value to the partner universities through collaboration in research, teaching and knowledge exchange.
  • Scope and Logic for Collaboration: A White Rose initiative needs a compelling logic for working together, including: (i) added value of collaboration; (ii) a priority. These requirements help define the scope where there is a strong rationale for working together as White Rose.
  • External Partners: White Rose works with a range of partners from the private and public sector, both in the UK and overseas.
  • Successes: Over £180m of external funding has been secured to support White Rose initiatives, helping the Universities deliver their mission. The types of initiatives have changed over time, depending on where the opportunities are. One of the first initiatives was the White Rose Technology Seedcorn Fund – investing in spinout companies from the Universities. More recently, White Rose has been particularly successful securing large-scale external funding for PhD studentships.
  • Future Plans: The Higher Education sector is constantly changing, creating new challenges and opportunities. The long history of the Universities successfully working together, combined with the ‘connectivity’ built between the institutions, positions White Rose well for the future.
  • Team: There is a dedicated White Rose team embedded within the Universities. The White Rose team helps to identify, develop and implement White Rose initiatives.
  • How it Works: Good collaboration opportunities can come from many different places. For example, White Rose plays an active role in building academic ‘bottom-up’ collaborations, with the aspiration that these lead to larger initiatives. Ideas can also come from University senior management. Large-scale funding opportunities can be a particularly attractive collaboration opportunity to pursue. The key requirement is that there is a compelling logic for the Universities to work together.
  • Get Involved: White Rose is always looking for the pipeline of new collaboration ideas. We would like to hear from you if you have a collaboration idea (even if it is a partially formed idea) or would like to find out more. The White Rose team can work with you to explore and develop a collaboration idea. Please feel free get in touch with the White Rose team to see how we can help.

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